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We believe wellbeing is individual. One path to health may call for no sugar; another’s may involve a daily slice of cake! Certainly it’s true the body and the mind are woven together. Taking regular forms of CBD can make a big difference to both every day.

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All it takes is three consecutive nights of sleep loss to cause our mental and physical wellbeing to greatly deteriorate. Sleep is the holy grail and we all need it! Studies show that CBD may help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.

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It’s normal to occasionally experience anxiety and those feelings are different for us all. Debilitating thoughts can trigger a negative spiral making anxiety worse and more difficult to manage. Many people turn to CBD to help relieve symptoms of anxiety.

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Ever wished you could recover quickly from muscle aches and soreness caused by fitness routines so you could train faster and for longer? Inflammation in the body can result in all sorts of other issues and CBD may help, as some sport stars have found.

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*Products should not be used by children, during pregnancy or whilst breatfeeding. If you are using any medication please consult your doctor before using CBD.