Well it won’t make you high!

CBD is the medical abbreviation for cannabidiol, a chemical found in abundance in the cannabis plant. CBD is one of at least 113 cannabinoids found in the Sativa L. plant, and has a growing reputation for its therapeutic and healing properties, though it’s important to understand this is not yet scientifically proven. Unlike its more famous cannabinoid partner, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD will not make you high and anyway, we ensure that all of our products are rigorous tested and completely legal.

CBD has a natural reaction

Every human body has an endocannabinoid system which consists of tiny receptors that play a vital role in helping to regulate our mood, pain and sleep. Pretty smart! CBD helps those receptors to do what’s needed to stimulate and control beneficial changes within the body. So if the body gets depleted in any way and needs to be supplemented, a regular dose of CBD will help in the same way as any food supplement.

We believe in fact not fiction

You won’t see Clearly CBD making claims about the benefits of CBD that can’t be backed up by proper and detailed scientific research. So if you have a question about any of the products in our range, we will answer making sure we separate hype from science.

What do all the words mean?

A person or group connected to an organization
2nd most prevalent of active ingredients within the cannabis plant
Chemicals within the cannabis plant. Over 1,000 including CBD and THC
Botanical plant with over 1,000 compounds
The breakdown of the plant according to its chemical composition
Regulatory system found in all complex animals. Regulating the diverse functions in the body such as digestion, immune response, inflammation, and pain
Refers to the knowledge that the whole plant has a better medicinal effect than the individual components when working with the ECS.
Pure CBD liquid, 1,000mg CBD per 1ml and 3mg THC per mg- non-psychoactive. Prescribed for rare forms of epilepsy
Good manufacturing practice. Ensures quality, safety, and consistency
Gives CBD its color
Where THC is found in abundance on the cannabis plant. Coated in resin glands, this is the psychoactive entity of the plant, and it is illegal in the UK.
Food Standard Agency. Regulates the UK food markets
Seed to Shelf. Transparency with official documentation
With all regulatory bodies
Our key supplier of hemp, based in the Netherlands. One of Europe’s largest and most credible producers of Hemp and CBD
Alike to the cannabis plant but with very low levels of THC which gives its distinction
Stalks are used for clothing, rope and building material. Seeds for nutrition. Buds, flowers, and leaves are controlled
Sativex and Epidyolex (produced by G W Pharmaceuticals)
Doctor approved prescriptions of cannabis with a level of THC over 10%
Mouth spray with THC and CBD in equal measures. Licensed in the UK for people with people with MS related muscle spasticity
Control’s food not consumed by humans to a significant degree within EU before May 1997
Over 100 compounds- gives characteristics and smell
Legal amount <0.2%. Principle psychoactive compound in Cannabis. Controlled in the UK unless used medicinally
Tobacco and Related products Regulations 2011 (covers vaping)

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