How to Sleep…

How to Sleep…

Sleep, it seems, or at least good quality sleep, is becoming increasingly elusive. Recent research is showing that 36% of UK adults* find falling asleep a problem at least once a week. With stress, screen fatigue, inactivity, anxiety and insomnia levels peaking, good sleep is no longer as straightforward as getting into bed and closing our eyes, and just about everything in our lives, from how much time we spend outside, to what and when we eat and drink, hormones and stress, all add up and have an impact. Some nights we may sleep but do we really wake up feeling rested? How often do we start the day exhausted, run on empty and feel an overwhelming fatigue by teatime? Sleep anxiety can create a very real and vicious circle.

Not surprisingly, there’s been a steep rise in the “sleep economy”. That’s all those sleep aiding products and services that have proliferated a market and seen it projected to be worth £112.7 billion by 2025*, no doubt helped by a post pandemic push. With quality of sleep a growing consumer concern, health and beauty companies responded by innovating all sort of products from infused pillows, teas, apps to room sprays.

But hang on!

There just may be a simpler solution for good sleep — CBD. It may well be the newest wellness fad and there may not be a definitive study on its affects yet, but more and more research is showing that if you get your hands on the good quality, properly labelled stuff, it has a good chance of helping with general wellbeing ( and probably in a more satisfactory way than a few sprays of lavender on your pillow)

Using the cannibis plant for medicinal and recreational purposes isn’t new. Compounds known as Cannabinoids in the plant are responsible for the effects on our brain, and the two most abundant are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) CBD is non impairing (so it won’t make you high in other words) and studies show using it regularly may have a therapeutic potential for insomnia and other sleep disorders, particularly those related to anxiety or stress, which let’s face it is probably the biggest issue when it comes to sleep.

Sleep is a basic human need, essential for good health and quality of life. It allows our bodies to rest and our brains to recharge, helping with muscle repair, memory and a stronger immune system. Not sleeping well has serious implications for our health. So trying something that just may help us drift off and sleep soundly has to be worth trying. Visit the shop here.

Sweet dreams!

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