Let’s Get Ahead Of COVID If We Can.

Covid has hit the headlines again, bringing with it a new variant, reimposed restrictions and a whole lot of question marks and uncertainty.

As countries scramble to respond, it’s probably time to stop assuming the virus is going away anytime soon. We can’t eliminate risk, but we can take some personal steps beyond the obvious ones (wear a mask, wash your hands, stay at home if you develop any symptoms etc) to mitigate its impact if we come into contact with it.

What’s obvious after eighteen months, is that any dents to our immunity are likely to affect the odds of us catching Covid, so it seems wise to take preventative steps now to help protect us as much as possible from the virus, and any serious corresponding implications. Beyond fresh air and exercise, eating well, managing stress and sleeping, taking good quality CBD oil every day is a safe place to start.


In severe cases of COVID, damage is caused to the body by a cytokine storm which essentially is an over reaction of the immune system (read more about this here)

CBD comes into play to help ‘calm down’ the response, by working to reduce any anti inflammatory issues. Not only that, using it regularly and taking it properly, can help to reduce anxiety, promote sleep, a healthy, controlled appetite and ease pain.

This is the time to be considering all the therapeutic opportunities we have to hand and taking our general health more seriously.

There is still a long road ahead as research studies help the world to understand COVID and its treatment, and whilst there are no scientifically approved studies supporting the use of CBD as beneficial, common sense shows there is no harm in adding a few quality drops to our daily intake of food supplements and probably a whole lot of positive and preventative benefits.

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