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All it takes is three consecutive nights of sleep loss to cause our mental and physical wellbeing to greatly deteriorate. Sleep is the holy grail and we all need it! Studies show that CBD may help with sleep.

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Medical news and articles state that getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most essential yet overlooked necessities in one’s life – so, what could help one sleep better? Read more…

Proper sleep ensures you feel well-rested and have energy for the next day. A good night’s rest also contributes to memory formation, helps grow and repair muscle and tissue, and prevents sickness. Read more…

Cannabidoil, more commonly known as CBD, has been associated with a number of health benefits, including easing symptoms of anxiety, pain and stress. But is CBD oil an effective treatment for insomnia or will it keep you awake? Read more…

In the last decade, growing public interest in the benefits of marijuana, and CBD in particular, has encouraged researchers to study its effects. Read more…

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