Izy Disposable Vape 1.2ml with 100mg CBD




Izy Vape CBD 100mg disposable E-Cigarette The IzyVape disposable CBD pod device is a product of the ELDA team. This is possibly the first in a series of high-performance, convenience-based products to appear on the market this year. The Izy Vape disposable pod device is made with top quality industrial hemp extract and uses ingredients obtained directly in Europe. Up to 350 inhalations A very easy to use all-in-one system (AIO) that produces up to 350 inhalations per device. The taste has mild and earthy tones that do not dominate the taste buds, but provide a sweet and pleasant vapour experience. Design IzyVape CBD 100mg disposable E-Cigarette With elegant and slim packaging you can be sure that this will appeal to an adult and health-conscious audience. Efficient CBD increase with the IzyVape disposable E-Cigarette CBD has recently become increasingly popular for many well-documented reasons. IzyVape’s disposable CBD path device uses a ceramic coil, so the end user gets CBD in the most efficient way, while the bio availability¬†of CBD increases.¬† Features of the Izy Vape disposable CBD pod device: – Ceramic coil – 350+ Smoke clouds – Made with premium industrial hemp extract – 100 mg / ml (equal to 1000 mg / 10 ml) – Easy to use – Convenient

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