Supercharge Your Immunity

The so-called festive blues are real. Though they haven’t been studied to any great extent, holiday stress and anxiety can strike anyone.

Expectations at this time of year can become overwhelming when we feel the need to make every meal Instagram-worthy and every wrapped gift look perfect. Finding the time to attend every party, or feel like you should say ‘yes’ when you would much rather say ‘no’ can be overwhelming. Then, when you add the financial burden, travel, visiting or hosting family members and a desire to cram in every tradition and event to make sure each day is memorable, stress can start to pile up.  It’s no wonder that a YouGov survey showed that more than two in five Britons feel stressed as the festive season approaches.

When anxiety grips us, it’s hard to stop and regroup.

There are few simple things we can do to help ease anxiety. Getting enough sleep is an obvious suggestion, because a lack of it starts to impede the immune system, leaving us open to coughs and colds and more serious infections. Exercise, in what ever form you enjoy and preferably outside, will help enormously and so will the use of CBD. Anxiety is one of the best studied areas when it comes to using CBD oils for example, with its calming and natural effects working with the body’s own endocannabinoid system but there are other ways of making CBD a part of your festive self care too.

1. Relax in a bath using CBD bath foam (it smells delicious too)

2. Persuade someone to give you a massage (or do it yourself) using CBD massage oil 

3. Take CBD in capsule form along with your Vitamin D and other supplements

Wellbeing is individual. One path to health may call for no sugar; another’s may involve a mince pie or two now and again! Whatever the individual route, it’s true to say that the body and the mind are woven together. Taking regular forms of CBD can make a big difference to both, every day. As December approaches, there is no better time to make CBD part of your everyday life. It’s a safe and natural helping hand. Visit the shop here.

Image credit: Alessandra Olanow



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